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“ Sarah was absolutely amazing. When I first met Sarah to talk about my eating disorder she went through what therapy would look like if we were to go on this journey together and let me respond with any questions if I had any. She explained how she would work with me to tailor the program in the way that I would want or best learn from. She was very accommodating to my needs and was extremely approachable. Right through until the end she was always available reading my notes in the Recovery Record (which really helped me pin down my thoughts as I often have trouble verbalising what I am feeling or what is happening to me in that moment). She was always extremely insightful. I am the type of learner that likes taking things away to work on at home and reflect and she would always recommend things to me to do I.e. reading specific books - she was always insightful on topics related to my recovery and again, always there when I needed someone to talk to and together we created this toolkit that I am now able to use when she is not there. She is great and I highly recommend her and her services, thank you so much Sarah for all your help and continuous support as I know the door is always open should we continue.”


" I can't thank Sarah enough for the help and support she has given me. I came to see her initially at a time of intense anxiety and stress in my life when I was feeling overwhelmed by so many things. She has helped me immensely especially in looking at the deeper reasons for my anxiety and developing ways to manage better when things become too much. She provides calm in the storms of life and has a place of sanctuary where you can feel safe, secure and calm. She helps you to find a way ahead as you disentangle thoughts and emotions and find a calmer path. Thank you Sarah."

"I started seeing Sarah in the midst of my marriage break up when I was in a very dark place. She has been absolutely wonderful! I cannot recommend her highly enough. She has helped me to control my anxiety and fears, and given me a back some of the control over my life that I felt I had lost. I am now a much more relaxed, confident, content person, and I really credit Sarah for helping me reach this place. I would recommend her to everybody!"

"After going through the loss of my husband 2 years ago , my whole world fell apart. I wasn't sure about counselling as I believed no one could help me with the pain I was going through. When I met Sarah things began to change, it wasn't an instant fix, it took time for me to feel trust, to really let her support me with my grief. Over the past 2 years it's been quite a journey with Sarah supporting me all along the way; providing empathy, understanding and nurturing, and a safe space to open up and help me become strong again. Sarah has really helped me to rebuild my life, to grow and learn more about myself. My early feelings of anxiety, fear, loneliness, and anger have massively improved. When I look back to the first year of grief , I realise how far I've come. I now feel at peace, more self aware and self reliant. I am able to understand my own emotions and cope much better with them. I don't believe I could've done this by myself, or even with family and friends. Having a professional counsellor, like Sarah has been fundamental to my recovery.

I know there will come a time when I will be able to stand on my own two feet, won't require counselling, but I also know that Sarah's support will be there for me as long as I do. I've had to face one of the biggest challenges in my life; if I had to sum up the support I've had from Sarah I would describe it as ''simply amazing'' ."

"The support I received from Sarah was unquestionably 100%, it came from a caring and non-judgemental place all the time. Sarah made me feel the support and care I've needed for a long time. She helped me to see how strong I am and how much loving myself means more than hoping and waiting for someone else to love me. Sarah was the first and only stranger, counsellor I have let in. Sarah took me for me, took me to the point I was at in my life and for the first time gave me the chance to process and understand everything. Things that happened to me as a child, things that had recently happened and gave me the chance to understand and deal with this is a safe and positive way. The feeling of relief, freedom and happiness, feelings I have not genuinely felt ever. That might sound strange to some but

for years in my life, I have just masked pain with the mirror image of others feelings. The support and process during counselling has helped me to feel, to find myself, to see, to find me! Highs, lows, ups and down, that's life, rough and smooth but now I have to strength, understanding and knowledge of myself to be able to deal with this. I have found and built these skills through the learning process I took when being supported by Sarah. You do not have to paper over the cracks of a broken vase, smash that vase and rebuild it. Build it strong, build it safely but build it so it represents you!

Thank you Sarah"

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