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Counselling and Psychotherapy

Counselling and psychotherapy are talking therapies that can help you to manage, cope and work through whatever you are experiencing. Whatever your personal difficulty, distress or crisis, whether it is in response to a trauma, life events, an accumulation of different factors or even if you are unable to identify the reason why. Your experience is real and personal to you. I follow a developmental-relational model. What this means is I will work with you to explore and understand your way of being, relating and functioning in the here and now, which may be informed by exploring and understanding your developmental history. By drawing upon different theories from different psychotherapeutic approaches I can help you understand why you might be experiencing your current challenges and struggles and help and support you, to heal, make changes and move forward in a positive and healthy way.

Initial Session

I offer a discreet, confidential, neutral, and supportive space to create an environment that helps you to feel safe and secure. I offer a warm, empathic, non judgemental approach to help you understand and explore the personal challenges and struggles you are experiencing.  I endeavour to work collaboratively with you throughout our work together starting with an initial 60 minute session to assess whether you feel that I am the right therapist for you. If you decide you would like to work with me, we will work together to create a therapeutic plan, this will be reviewed together on a continual basis to ensure you feel you are getting the right support and help that you need throughout our work together.





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