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Eating Disorders & Obesity 

Not all eating disorders present in the same way. But there are common factors to them all, such as having chaotic eating, poor body image, being sensitive, perfectionist behaviours and low self-worth. The recovery process involves nutritional rehabilitation, dealing with the physical and nutritional imbalances that may have led to cravings and difficulties with weight control as well as mental health problems such as depression or anxiety. I will work with you to address unhelpful thoughts, beliefs and values regarding food and body image which may have led to behaviour which can sometimes feel out of control such as compulsions to binge or purge, or exercise harmfully. I will help you to think and worry less about food  enabling you to be more interested with everything else in your life. Sometimes an eating disorder is an expression of emotional pain. I will help and support you to manage and deal with your feelings appropriately, including those which have been linked to previous unhappy experiences. I will help and support you to manage feelings, relationships, find deeper life values, feel more confident and give you a sense of purpose in life without the unhealthy use of food.

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